Kangarilla Pony Club is located at 1871 Kangarilla/Main Road, Kangarilla, SA, 5157.  We have our main working area which is approximately 40m wide and 80m long.  The  Club Rooms have  full kitchen facilities and we have toilet facilities with a shower.  There are 15 horse yards and ample parking for floats.  The kangarilla Pony Club grounds are equipped with cross country jumps and a water jump as well.  There is a portable dressage arena and we have two full sets of Show Jumps to set up.  We also have a sand round yard and a sand arena aproximately 20m x 40 m. 

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First Sunday of the Month

9:30am - 12:30pm

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Membership Fee

$250.00 for PC Members u 26 yrs

$150 for Adult Members



1871 Kangarilla Rd Kangarilla, SA 5157

PO Box 2075 McLaren Vale SA 5171

Email: em.schoell@hotmail.com

Tel: 0404 672 087

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